Our Program

Find Your Instrument!

Bringing music into underserved schools

Find Your Instrument! (FYI!) is an award-winning outreach program which offers hundreds of underserved children the opportunity to discover their singing voices and experience the profound joy of singing with others.

FYI! was created in 2008 by Steven Fisher, based on his deeply-held belief that, like riding a bike, every child can learn how to sing if someone simply takes the time to reach them. Further, Steve believes  singing not only enriches the lives of young people, but has the ability to profoundly change their lives – especially those of underserved children.

FYI! is administered by Commonwealth Youthchoirs (CY), along with three other programs:  Keystone State Boychoir, Pennsylvania Girlchoir, and Good Mornin’ Music! CY serves more than 600 young singers.

FYI! Choir